- A Feature Film Screenplay -

Screenplay by:
Katherine E. Morgan-Scharhon

1999, Seattle. Video store employee, Jamie, has been avoiding her
friends all week to make room for her new obsession: an intriguing girl
co-worker named Alex. When her crush goes wrong, and strange new
breathing attacks surface, Jamie and her uptight friend, Quin, embark on
a road trip to Portland, Oregon in search of a solution to Jamie’s mounting
fears of insignificance, resulting from the recent death of Jamie's mother.

A stolen typewriter, mysterious breathing attacks, and a girl-crush gone wrong,
send 24-year-old Jamie, and her uptight friend Quin, on a misadventurous road trip
in the Pacific Northwest.

Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist, IFP Emerging Narrative Program


© Katherine E. Morgan-Scharhon, 2018
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